Anchored in the city of Abu Dhabi - Rashid Bin Mehran Group (RMB) holds a chain of companies and subsidiaries under its watchful umbrella.
The group primarily specializes in overseeing the functioning and management of their subsidiary group associates. With the dedicated efforts of the staff and efficient management, the RMB Group manages to achieve an outstanding position among its competitors.
RMB is proud to be a dedicated group holding numerous subsidiaries and to accomplish multiple projects. Having a mutual understanding with our subsidiaries helps us to function efficiently, which is the attribute we continue to maintain in future. Our vision is to achieve greater heights in spreading ourselves on the international front. We have undoubted trust on our subsidiaries and their employees; and we continue to have the same trust in delivering the finest outcome.
RMB is overwhelmed to introduce the launch of our new website, wherein we welcome our visitors and clients to explore our group and their subsidiaries, along with products and services we offer.
Our Group has marked success through out and we wish to serve the best to our clients. This website will enlighten you on what RMB is about and the details of its subsidiaries and their respective products.

Please do keep checking for further updates.