Situated in Abu Dhabi U.A.E, RMB Group is a privately-held diversified group of companies and subsidiaries that operate under one umbrella while primarily concentrating on overseeing the daily functioning of its SGA (Subsidiaries Group Associates). This includes contracting companies UAE, MEP companies, civil companies, infrastructure development companies, marble companies, wet wipes companies, farms in UAE, hydroponic farms in UAE and more. 

Since founded in 2007, we have been guided by a set of essential values that classify who we are and define the spirit of our group. As such, we adhere to: Integrity, Commitment and Sustainable Performance all of which orchestrate the characterization of the group’s performance and objectives. A decade later these values remain ardent, making us one of the leading Pioneer Business Groups in the Middle East. We put the utmost value to offer professional services and the best materials, from our marble companies to quality building materials. 

A true team, a family, starting a movement far greater than any one individual can do on his own. The results speak for themselves, any comparing services can have the will to be great, but it's the will to continue to be great that sets us apart from our competitors. Our aim is to deliver rapid growth and premium services. With that being said, we have composed a rewarding client base implanting new ideas to continue moving towards our goal of expanding both locally and internationally.

RMB is ranked among the most pioneering business groups in the Middle East and is one of the fastest growing corporate houses. The group’s headquarters focuses on investing in growth and overseeing the functioning of the individual group companies. Each RMB company operates independently, keeping customers delighted, achieving growth through excellence and innovation, all the while balancing the interests of shareholders, employees and the community.