RMB Group’s main focus is to provide extensive managerial and operational supports to our associates. At group level, we provide an extensive policy concerning the growth of our subsidiaries and their entry of new ventures. RMB Group also plays a great role in protecting and promoting the brand portfolio across business sectors.
Our corporate functions towards our subsidiaries include:
News & Events: We administer a wide range of PR including Social Media and various related tasks.
Business Development: We verify and prepare business agreements, generate leads, and standardized services to various industries and more.
Centralizing Technology: We provide a centralized technical I.T department catering to all I.T related matters for the Group.
Research & Development: Assisting in broadening our market strength by carrying out various studies, conducting feasibility studies, market surveys and seeking further industrial knowledge.
Personnel Management: We provide support to HR in finding key personal, promote ethic awareness, and help strengthen the working relation between employers and employees.
Legal: We provideLegal support concerning International practices, application of National and International laws, and help draft various contracts /agreements.
Quality Practices: Were involved in the preparation of Policies, Procedures, and Systems for RMB Group of Factories and Companies.
Financial Control: We support with Internal Audits and ensure that accounting best practices are maintained.
RMB is proud to announce its participation in WETEX 2016, where we welcome clients and visitors to come and explore the range of products and servicesoffered by our group and our subsidiaries.
Leveraging on a global platform that showcases latest technologies and promotes products and services from the world’s leading players in the water, energy, and environment sectors, we are truly delighted to have landed this opportunity through WETEX, to network with government decision-makers, business leaders, investors from across the globe.